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Mel Maia mocks rumors of being betrayed by MC Daniel


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Tuesday (14) was busy for Mel Maia. In publications on Instagram, the actress spoke about the assault she suffered in Rio de Janeiro and the circulation of an alleged video in which her boyfriend, MC Daniel, would be cheating on her. At the end of the night, Mel appeared on her social network alongside her partner.

“I’m here with my boyfriend who cheated on me. Did you cheat on me? Damn, love…”, she mocked. “I don’t know where I stick my face. Maybe I’ll do an IGTV [outro formato de vídeo do Instagram] to explain to me”, added MC Daniel.

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Jokingly, the actress said she would break up with the artist. Hours later, she published a video again, with a more serious posture, asking the author of the video to present the names of those who were having an affair with her boyfriend.

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“Let the supposed video be released. Leave us alone. We are real and here you will not find any slutty”, she vented.

MC Daniel also took the opportunity to talk about the case on his profile. With two images next to the actress, he wrote the messages: “May God keep us from all evil, my better half” and “Not here, not in China. I was born poor and not stupid”.

During the day, the actress was the subject of social networks because her car was stolen in Rio de Janeiro. Later, the actress shared that she got the stolen items back: “We managed to get it back. We are so blessed, I have to thank you every day for being so blessed,” she said.

Source: Folha

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