Skopelos honors and celebrates the Patron and Protector of the island, Agios Riginos, this weekend, February 24 and 25, with bell-ringing and a litany of the holy relics of the Saint.

THE Holy Martyr Riginos, Bishop of Skopelos (4o century) is the patron saint and patron saint of the island. His memory is celebrated on February 25, the day of his martyrdom (in the year 362) and is a public holiday in Skopelos

As announced by the Municipality of Skopelos and the church committee, today Friday February 24 at 4 in the afternoon the bells of all the churches of the island will ring joyfully and at 7 in the afternoon the Great Vespers will be celebrated in the Holy Monastery of Agios Riginos.

The monastery is built exactly where the locals buried the holy relic of Saint Regina

On Saturday, February 25 at 7 a.m. the bells of all the churches will ring joyfully and immediately after the Holy Relics of the Saint there will be a transition of the Holy Clergy from the Metropolitan Church of the Nativity of Christ to the Holy Monastery, where a solemn Divine Liturgy will be celebrated.