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The President of the Republic Katerina Sakellaropoulou tonight inaugurated the re-exhibition of the Archaeological Museum of Elefsina, underlining that it will respond in the best way to the modern need to redefine its role as a versatile cultural organization of education, entertainment and spiritual enrichment.

Referring to the new report of the findings, she emphasized that “it will expand the field of aesthetic, cognitive and sensory experience and, with the enrichment of the supervisory material, the assistance of technology, the use of audiovisual media, will create an integrated narrative so that the public can approach experientially the content and meaning of the concept of “sanctuary” in antiquity”.

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As he noted, “placing the visitor at the center, stimulating his emotion, not aiming exclusively at sight, but at multi-sensoriality, the new exhibition will give depth to wandering through the exhibits and will cultivate a fruitful dialogue between the past and the present of Elefsina».

He also claimed that the Archaeological Museum of Eleusis is “organically linked to the archaeological site, a place of sacramental worship, which made Eleusis one of the most important religious centers of the ancient Greek world” and observed that “today, museums do not operate on the basis of a “storage”, logic, but seek to become living organizations, oriented to an essential transmission of knowledge and information in a direct and dynamic way, with actions and actions that transform the visitor’s contact with the exhibited objects in a meaningful experience».

Concluding, he emphasized that “the Archaeological Museum of Elefsina is now moving in this direction. Applying modern museological concepts in practice, it turns towards highlighting the essence of the place, focusing on the subject of the Eleusinian Mysteries and emphasizing the founding myth of worship and the formality of initiation”.