With Clean Monday just a day away and preparations already underway, we are all gearing up for the day’s activities and especially kite flying.

But if he hasn’t bought a kite yet, there’s no reason to worry, as below you can learn in simple steps how to make one.

1st step

Find a 60×45 paper in a color of your choice. Fold the paper in half lengthwise on both sides, measuring 15cm down from the top. Use a ruler to draw a line between these marks and the top center.

Draw two more lines from the side marks to the bottom center to form a diamond.

2nd step

Carefully cut your paper into a diamond shape

3rd step

Then add two thin supports of wood, about 60 cm. Using special pruning shears, cut one of them to a length of 45 cm. Tie the two sticks together with twine – checking that the ends of the stick still line up with the corners of the paper towel – then tie the knot firmly.

4th step

At each corner, use something sharp to poke two holes on either side of the post. Thread the twine through each hole and tie, leaving some loose ends for attaching ribbons. Glue the paper and let it dry.

5th step

Attach a piece of twine to the stem at the left and right corners. There should be about 60cm of twine loose between the two corners.

6th step

Cut two 2m x 2cm strips of paper, and tie them to the bottom of the kite. Add two more strips, about 1 m long, to the sides or you can even use a ribbon.