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The 34-year-old singer Adele and her 41-year-old partner and manager of successful NBA players, according to DailyMail the couple are planning to take their relationship one step further and get married in the summer.

The news first became known through the magazine “Deux Moi”, which is cited by a reliable source from the singer’s environment.

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It should be noted that rumors that the couple is engaged have been circulating the internet since Adele was first seen wearing a huge diamond ring at the Grammys.

“I’ve never been so in love! I’m obsessed with him. I definitely want more kids. I am a housewife and a stable life helps me with my music. But right now, all I can think of is Las Vegas. I want to succeed,” the singer told Elle.

“I’m not married, I’m just in love. I am as happy as ever. I could very well be married,” he emphasized at the end.