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Michael B. Jordan is reunited with a reporter who called him ‘tacky’ and refutes the comment; watch video


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Michael B. Jordan, 36, proved that what goes around comes around. The actor was on the red carpet for his new movie “Creed 3”, which opens in March this year, when he was approached by a reporter. They, however, already knew each other and the actor took the opportunity to confront the journalist about a past situation.

As the interviewer began to speak, she commented to viewers that she knew Jordan from a school in New Jersey. “We know each other over at Chad Science in Newark,” she said. At this point, the actor interrupts the journalist and replies: “I was the tacky kid, right?”, he asked.

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Embarrassing, the woman laughs and says she didn’t say that. “I was misunderstood for sure,” but Michael claims he heard her speech. “No, you didn’t hear me say that. We used to make fun of your name,” she tried to explain.

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At the end of the interview, the reporter tried to lighten the mood after Michael commented on the experience of filming in Atlanta, and said that he “wasn’t cheesy anymore”. Michael, however, was already leaving and seems not to have heard the comment — or, at least, he pretended not to.

The site Complex explained that Michael’s former classmate has already stated, in a podcast, that she thought he had a “nice guy but cheesy” air while dating model Lori Harvey, and that she and other classmates made fun of him. the actor.

“To be honest with you, we teased him all the time because his name was Michael Jordan. [como o jogador de basquete]. Let’s start there and he was no Michael Jordan. And he would also come to school with a portfolio of pictures of him for acting agencies. We lived in Newark, that’s the neighborhood. We made fun of him, like, ‘What are you going to do with that portfolio?’

Source: Folha

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