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BBB 23: Fred Nicácio and Key ask for Bruna’s expulsion after alleged aggression against Amanda; understand


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The weather warmed up early this Monday afternoon (27), at BBB 23 (Globo). The house was the scene of a widespread fight, which began after a disagreement between Bruna Griphao and Ricardo Alface. The brothers were advertising one of the program’s sponsors when Alface felt wronged for having to wait for his colleagues to use the cell phone made available for the action.

“I wait for everyone, since I got the cell phone first, do I have to wait for everyone?”, he said. Bruna, then, explained to him that this was the action, and that it would be necessary to wait for everyone to wash their face. “It is written that it is to do this. Gee, the action is to wash the face”, she said.

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“The action is mine, the credit is mine, I use it however I want”, countered Alface. The sister then told colleagues that she was holding back to “not tell him to take it in the c *”. Alface listened to what she said and said that the actress was “rude”.

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“You go first then. Prickly-faced, rude. You want to rise above everyone else, I’m fed up”, said Ricardo, already excited. “Look at your state, you’re an asshole”, said Bruna.

Larissa and Amanda tried to put a damper on the situation, trying to break up the fight. At that moment, without the reality show cameras having shown it to the public, Bruna would have accidentally hit the doctor.

After the discussion, Key Alves and Fred Nicácio began to ask for the expulsion of the actress from the program for aggression. Gabriel Santana tried to explain to the brothers that the slap was not deliberate, but a bump, as Bruna was gesticulating. “Accidentally hit,” he commented to his colleagues.

Sought through its press office, Globo did not comment on the alleged aggression until the last update of this text.

Source: Folha

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