Regina Duarte apologizes for sharing video with xenophobic speech


Regina Duarte, 76, apologized on social media this Thursday (2), for having shared the speech by the councilor of Caxias do Sul (RS) Sandro Fantinel, which caused revolt on the internet for its xenophobic and prejudiced content, in addition to relativizing crimes labor. Expelled from the Patriot Party, the politician defended producers in the case of northeastern workers forced to work in conditions analogous to slavery in Rio Grande do Sul wineries. He also urged them to stop hiring “those people up there.” The actress acknowledged the error of having endorsed Fantinel’s lines.

“Those who know me and follow me here know that it would never be like me to support Xenophobia, Prejudice and Social Injustice. My story has shown that Brazilians, for me, are loved in their entirety and I would never be in favor of discrimination as for my northeastern brothers”, he began.

Regina remembered being the daughter of a woman from Rio Grande do Sul and a man from Ceará. “A head of family coming from ‘pau de arara’ from the northeast to Rio de Janeiro to work. They then built a family that fought for better living conditions for themselves and for 5 more siblings, at a time when there were no Bolsa Familia,” he added.

She also justified that, when faced with the politician’s statements, she believed at first to be those of “a farmer defending his work to contribute to reducing unemployment in the country”. The actress added: “I hope that Justice, in compliance with labor laws, gives reason to those who deserve it.”

It is worth remembering that the profile of the former secretary of culture in the Bolsonaro government has already received several alerts from Instagram due to the excess of misinformation published on her page and started to be marked as a source of disseminating fake news. The app now displays an alert for users who try to follow her. “Are you sure you want to follow Regina Duarte?” he asks the user.

Source: Folha

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