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BBB 23: Brothers fight at dawn and groups are split; check summary


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And anyone who thinks that the confusion ended when this Monday’s Game of Discord (6) came to an end, is very mistaken. The fight continued ugly, loud screaming and chaos was installed inside the house. For those who were watching Pay Per View on Globoplay, it was almost impossible to understand what the brothers were discussing because they were screaming so much.

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When the dynamic was over, the participants returned home and Cezar Black, then, said that Fred and Larissa proposed an agreement to Gabriel Santana and reports: “Weeks ago, Gabriel entered the room: ‘Guys, I want to talk to you to be coherent , because I don’t want you to find out from someone else. Today, Fred and Larissa came to me, Marvvila and Sarah said that they liked us a lot, that they wanted to play together in the future, if there was a possibility. They liked us so much, because wanted to protect each other. This protection was seen several times within the poll. From the moment you protect one of the three in some way, they want to protect you too”.

Larissa is irritated by her brother’s comment and asks him: “Did we talk about protecting ourselves?! I did it from my heart!”, shouts the sister.

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Soon after, a heated argument broke out between Fred and Sarah Aline. “When you say there that you’re seeing evil and despair, yes, I’m desperate. I don’t want to leave here. It’s very difficult for you to hear ‘I’m protecting your ally, I hope you’re fine in this situation’, when I was going to Paredão. And another thing, don’t say you’re protecting me when it’s not me”, he says to the brothers in the room.

“Affections do dictate priorities. That’s why I’m on Paredão. It’s not saying that I’m an incredible person, but I’m on Paredão, Fred! I’m desperate because I’m sad, I’m disappointed”.

Marvvila also vents and says that she is being treated like a monster in the house, but in fact she just didn’t know how to calculate when voting. “I have difficulty, I have difficulty understanding that there. I am trying to understand this cunning and betrayal. I betrayed myself. My friend was already in Paredão. I arrived in that room and Larissa said that she would not vote for me”, she says , reinforcing that he even ended up in the hot seat and was only saved in Bate-Volta.

Source: Folha

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