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The Acropolis Museumfor “International Women’s Day” (March 8, 2023), launches a new series of exhibitions “Periodic and unexpected visitors”, with works from museums around the world that will visit it from time to time, either connected to a festive event or unexpectedly.

This year, the emphasis is on female beauty with a work of sculpture that exerts its own charm with the matchless beauty of Aphrodite, goddess of beauty, to whom Paris, as judge of three goddesses, bestowed the apple of Eris.

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This year’s unexpected guest, Venus in the golden bikinicomes from the National Archaeological Museum of Naples.

This great work will be exhibited on the ground floor of the Acropolis Museum from March 8 until May 28, 2023.

During the exhibition, a relevant video will be shown and a bilingual explanatory brochure will be distributed free of charge, a selection of parts of which are listed below:
– “…The statuette was found together with other antiquities in 1954 in the so-called “House of Venus” in Pompeii and was kept in the “Secret Room” of the Archaeological Museum of Naples, due to its exceptional quality, the rarity of its decorative elements as well as the love aura that exudes…”

– “…The whiteness of the marble that radiates towards the light (after all, marble in ancient Greek, hence marble, means to reflect the light), comes in perfect harmony with the gold decoration of the body, creating a feeling of snow-white, soft skin that invites you to touch her…”

– “…Below the wings of the goddess’s nose, the relatively small, parted at the top, lips have an austere severity that gives the impression that the goddess is in a celestial sphere, contrary to that caused by the “clothed” nudity and the undulations of the white flesh of her body, mainly in the supple abdomen, but also the erect eroticism of the young Priapus. The whole seems to float between the celestial and omnipresent love sphere of Aphrodite, and the golden decoration of her body evokes Homer’s golden Aphrodite…”.

The purchase of a ticket is not required to enter the ground floor of the Museum.