Anthony Danielsthe only actor to have appeared in all 11 Star Wars movies knows how much sci-fi movies have evolved over the years.

The English actor and mime from London, who gave life to C-3PO, the humanoid robot in the film series, starred in the first film Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope in 1977.

Anthony Daniels, who was a guest at the Middle East Film & Comic Con last weekend in Abu Dhabi, said that during his travels around the world, he met many people working in the fields of science and technology. space explorers who believe the Star Wars movies inspired them to pursue research in their chosen field.

In particular he mentioned that he has noticed a connection between the Star Wars movies and how far space exploration has come. “Science fiction has gotten a lot smarter now. Some of the scripts are so up-to-date and, of course, the movies have encouraged the development of science,” he said, as quoted in a report by thenational.

“A lot of people I’ve met who have worked in space exploration in the past have made it because of Star Wars, because George Lucas, the creator of Star Wars, made that world seem available,” Anthony Daniels explained.

Daniels’ face may not be as recognizable as that of his Star Wars co-stars Harrison Ford and Mark Hamill, but true fans of the film series know him from his role.

Referring to his first meeting with Star Wars creator George Lucas, Daniels said that he was neither interested nor a fan of science fiction as a film genre. However, with his agent’s insistence on taking the part and seeing the work of the legendary designer behind the original trilogy, Ralph Macquarie, the actor was convinced.

He had no idea, he said, that the then-unknown director’s low-budget film would change the course of his life and career.

Anthony Daniels spoke at Middle East Film & Comic Con about his book ‘I Am C-3PO – The inside story’, chronicling his experience of the epic cinematic experience that has influenced pop culture for over 40 years.