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The Eleftheria-Martika dispute not only does not say to shut up, but is headed for a new flare-up.

After the singer’s nightly outburst, their argument seems to have escalated, as Spyros “caught” Eleftheria eavesdropping during his interview, as at least he claimed. Although the issue took on dimensions, it was not the only one that preoccupied the players, as Ilias’ behavior towards Panagiotis in the last match was not only indifferent. Unsportsmanlike or not, this act gave birth to new controversies, as Ilias Gotsis expanded this controversy, saying that he saw Panagiotis in the forest with Nikos Bartzis! In such a hostile climate, Giorgos Lianos tried to “sweeten” the atmosphere, with a small gift, due to Women’s Day. The prize of communication pushed both teams to the limit and the final defeat of the Reds left visible signs of exhaustion, with Sakis the greatest example of all, who needed Marialena’s help to recover. In the aftermath of the “red” defeat, Eurydice apologized for her reaction, before Spyros launched his own attack with a harsh accusation against everyone responsible, with clear accusations against a specific person… Of course, the aftermath of the victory was not the absolutely desired one for the Blues, who were spent in an internal argument in their hut, with Bogdano and Panagiotis as protagonists, who does not stay out of the fights even with… a request. But in reality, the issues of the Blues seem… childish, in front of the situation of the Reds, who appear decimated after their new defeat, having, among other things, open wounds regarding the behavior of the Liberty, which appears unruly. At least the episode ended on a happy, or rather heartwarming note, as the Blues got a chance to see messages from their loved ones, a development that apparently relieved them psychologically, making them “bend”.

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