Former BBB Kleber Bambam challenges Popó to a duel: ‘Do you want me to rip your head off?’


Former BBB Kleber Bambam and former boxer Acelino Popó Freitas exchanged barbs on social media this Friday (9). The champion of the first edition of the BBB had challenged the athlete to a duel, but went unanswered. In a new video on his profile, Bambam insisted on the invitation and made dozens of criticisms.

“Since you have several sponsors, see if the guys fund the event. Or the event you already did, see if you put a little money and I’ll go there, beat you up”, he said, who cited the fact that Popó having refused to duel against Naldo Benny, who also intimidated him in the past.

In addition, Bambam cited the fact that the former boxer had fought Whindersson Nunes. “And hitting 100% of nothing is nothing. Because Whindersson has never boxed, he doesn’t have strength or pressure in his blows, he’s fast, he moves well, he’s trained, but he doesn’t have the grip”, criticized the ex-brother.

Finally, the video ended with a request for a fight: “If you want me to rip your head off and cross your head, like Pelé did, because you were semi-caused, but the ref didn’t stop the fight, you should have stopped. […] Pelé almost beat you, but my hand is very heavy with crosses and straights. And if you catch it, you’re going to fall.”


Hours later, the former sportsman published a clip on his profile responding to the attacks made by Bambam, with several curses. “Usually if I challenge someone, I probably take the consequences and the guy’s salary, which we call the ‘fight bag.’ , is wanting to fight me for R$ 1 million… If you challenged, pay. You’re talking shit”, he said.

Next, Popóe reinforced that he would fight Naldo. “Hey, if you challenged, pay. Naldo, if you want to fight, I’ll give you some money to fight with me. All right, I’ll see a sponsor that pays your purse, which was the proposal I made for you”, he concluded.

Source: Folha

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