Her answer to everything she listed Eurydiki Papadopoulos to Spiros Martikasgave Vrisida Andriotou. Speaking on the show “Hello” and Maria Bakodimouto his former player “Survivor All Star” and partner of Spyros Martikas stated that she no longer wishes to have anything to do with her… “friend”, Eurydiki.

“I won’t put too much into this part because no matter what happens, I won’t sit down and get angry with my… “girlfriend”. And if he really said, which he doesn’t, because he hasn’t met Spyros, he should respect me and not say it, or even say it in front of him so that Spyros has the opportunity to respond,” said the player.

At another point, she emphasized that Spyros said everything he had to say to Christina Kefala, who left, so he didn’t need to say anything to Eurydice. “Eurydice was clearly influenced by Eleftheria. That doesn’t excuse her. I’m supposed to be her friend. She was negative about me and Spyro, then after she broke up she was very positive. That’s all I’ll say. Eurydice knows. I won’t talk about her personal stuff.

I don’t want anything to do with her, after what she did, I texted her. It would be best for her name, to say a public apology for what she did. I don’t know if we’ll talk. He will definitely text me. The issue is how I will handle it,” added Spyros’ partner Martika.

Let’s remember that yesterday Eurydiki Papadopoulou spoke on the show “Our Breakfast” and Fay Skordas. The player mentioned that she was surprised with Spyros Martikas and said that Martikas revealed some things about Aphrodite Skafida’s personal life that “burn” people, who have a place!

“I was surprised by the man Spyros Martikas. Marticas is not a role. This is what I want people to know. He is a ruthless man, hungry for publicity and money. I don’t want to say more, respecting my relationship with his partner, Vrisida Andriotou with whom we hang out,” said Eurydiki Papadopoulou.
At another point, Eurydiki Papadopoulou pointed out that she thought that her “friend” might have been hurt by what she has said about Spyros Martikas, however she emphasized that what has happened in the game with Martikas has also hurt her. “It wasn’t just me that got hurt, but all the guys on our team. Everyone knows what Spyros is. I am not a puppet of Martikas because he happened to be in a relationship with a friend of mine, especially after what I have been through in my life”, said Eurydiki Papadopoulou in her interview.

Regarding the disappointment that Vrisida Andriotou felt from her attitude towards her partner, she answered with a question. “Brisisida, how can I support your beloved who called Liberty a thief?”

And then he added: “Even if he was my brother I couldn’t defend such a man. What you say Aris Souledis did to you last year, my Vrisida, is nothing compared to what Spyros Martikas did to us this year. My girlfriend won’t tell me how to express myself about Spyros. And I say little. Also, when I left, Spyros didn’t tell me to take anything to Vrisida,” added Eurydiki Papadopoulou.