Preta Gil plans to create an institute for cancer prevention


In treatment for bowel cancer diagnosed in January this year, singer Preta Gil, 48, said this Sunday (12) that she plans to create an institute to disseminate information on prevention and treatment.

In an interview with Fantástico (Globo), the artist said she was aware of her unhealthy eating habits before the diagnosis and intends to use the platform that will be created to address this and other issues, such as mental health and healing possibilities.

The idea is for the institute to be named Carna Cura. “Because I got sick at Carnival, when I get better, we’ll think about having a healing Carnival”.

Preta is halfway through her chemotherapy treatment. It has already gone through four sessions and will do four more. After that, she will have five weeks of radiotherapy and will undergo surgery to remove the tumor.

Surrounded by friends, she reported that she had to get used to the need for a lap that she has at the moment and also with the news that she would need to stop working temporarily, on the eve of a Carnival.

The love of family and friends is seen as a gift. “I know this love is healing me,” she said.

On social networks, however, she also receives toxic comments, saying that it was obvious that she would get sick for being fat and accusing her of not taking care of herself.

Preta was diagnosed with the disease after bouts of headache and high blood pressure. She got sick during a musical tour with her family in Europe, last year, in celebration of the 80th birthday of her father, Gilberto Gil, and did not participate in the shows in Germany and England.

On his return to Brazil, he was recommended to undergo detailed medical examinations, but he postponed it until he needed to receive urgent care and, the next day, at home, he noticed bleeding.

“I understood from the first moment that life was giving me a sign,” he said. For her, the disease brought about a transformation, translated into new habits and the need to reduce the pace of work.

In the interview, Preta also said that she composed a song to record with Alcione. “Black and Brown, love is our tone”, says the chorus.

According to the artist, faith is her axis at this moment. “Each day I want to honor even more this opportunity to be alive and heal from this disease that is serious, but will not bring me down”.

Source: Folha

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