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BBB 23: Dani Calabresa rebuts criticism of her participation in the reality show


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Julius Boll

Those who follow BBB 23 already know that Tuesday is the day to see Dani Pepperoni in action on the show, on the CAT BBB board. Calabresa interacts with people who accompany the program (many of them fictional, more to serve as a ladder for his jokes), imitates the participants and makes jokes.

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Her strong point is the good imitations of the voices of the participants (her version of Jade Picon last year was the biggest success), a talent that even she doesn’t know how she developed. “It’s a feeling, something catches my attention in the person: either the way of speaking, the mannerism, the voice, the accent… I take it, file it in the brain and, at some point, I imitate without knowing I’m imitating”, account.

But the people are cruel. In the scrutiny of social media, it’s more criticism than praise every week she appears on TV in a small corporate room, her setting on the show. Calabresa is in her second year at the head of the board and says that the fact that she was chosen again for the role speaks for itself: it is proof that there are a lot of people in her favor.

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Among her supporters, including Rafael Portugal, a comedian who previously presented the CAT BBB, and is usually remembered wistfully by Internet users who enter the networks to criticize her. Portugal has publicly supported her, but even so it seems that not everyone has understood that the two are not rivals and each has their own style.

“Not even Rafa can stand the comparisons anymore, we want life to go on, we root for each other”, says Calabresa to F5. In addition to the possibility of proving that professionals who, theoretically, compete for the same position can indeed support and love each other, Calabresa draws attention to the increasing presence of women in humor.

“In terms of humour, women’s struggles are like any other profession. I think we’ve lightened up a lot of things with jokes and managed to naturalize several subjects”, she says, not entirely satisfied. “We can still conquer more space, and we will do that”, promises the comedian, who does not comment on her battle with Marcius Melhem, whom she, along with seven other colleagues, accused of moral and sexual harassment.

Source: Folha

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