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Third straight victory in a match with a communication prize for the Fighters. Despite the bad start with 3 defeats the Blue team managed to recover and reach the same level of communication with the Reds and therefore from the next match they will play for the same prize.

This time the prize was messages from relatives. There were quite a few who cried just hearing the prize, before the result was even decided.

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The otherwise tough Nikolas Agorou cried like a little child with his mother’s message, while he also referred to an “angel” who can no longer send him a message.

Yorikas Pilidis also revealed their sensitive side, when he saw the message of his mother, whom he said has been both a mother and a father to him.

On the other hand, another son who saw his mother cried, but also made a joke. Takis Karagounias saw his mother’s message where she said she stays up late to see him and he advised her to go to bed early, causing his teammates to laugh.

However, when he saw the “my doll” that he had been waiting for so much from his daughter, the humor stopped and he burst into tears.