BBB 23: Anitta and more famous people support Lexa and condemn Guimê’s attitudes


Cases of alleged abuse within the BBB 23 have moved not only fans but celebrities on social media. Many made a point of condemning the attitudes of Guimê and Cara de Sapato and supporting Lexa, who said she was “at rock bottom”.

Anitta shared an exchange of messages with Lexa in which she invites her to her birthday. However, in the same post, she hinted at the case seen at the last party where the funk artist touches the body of Mexican Dania.

“In the past, I was that kind of friend who always puts her finger on her friend’s relationship and then they come back and I’m fucked*… Nowadays I’m still the same friend”, posted Anitta.

Deolane Bezerra was another celebrity who decided to take a stand. “These ‘men,’ she saw her. The beautiful woman, cheering him on, cheering, fighting. Anger,” she wrote.

MC Carol went further and stated that she is not afraid to speak her mind. “No one else heard of him [Guimê]! That’s the truth. Lexa, I wish you strength and much wisdom. If I were her, the same force that I used to help, now I would use it to take it down without pity and change the lock”, posted

The singer, without naming names, continued: “How does a male with the appearance of a mouse do this on national television? I am in disbelief.

Canceled in issue 21, comedian Nego Di opined that Boninho would be “paying for sins with this cast”. And he added: “What excuse is he going to invent now so he doesn’t have to expel Sapato and Guimê?”, asked Di, saying that for talking nonsense and staying in the wrong group, he left with a rejection of 98%. “How would I get off if I harassed someone?”

Felipe Neto was another celebrity who gave his opinion. Also without naming names, he indicated that “alcohol doesn’t transform anyone, it just reveals”.

Source: Folha

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