BBB 23: Sonia Abrão generates revolt by saying that Domitila should have been expelled


Sonia Abrão generated controversy when she said that Domitila should also leave the BBB 23 house on the program A Tarde É Sua on Rede TV!. Mc Guimê and Cara de Sapato were expelled for committing acts of sexual harassment.

In the Fundo do Mar room, while Sapato was trying to kiss Dania, Domitila was also present, but did nothing to stop the situation. “She was pissed off. Kisses, plays, does everything, has sex. I’ll stay here quietly”, said Sônia about the miss.

The presenter then accused Domitila of being an accomplice: “She should have been expelled along with her. She was Sapato’s accomplice in this story.” Sonia still completes: “She couldn’t pass zero the way she did”.

The administrators of Domitila’s networks have spoken out, saying that they will bring the legal team against the presenter: “Sonia Abrão accuses Domitila of being conniving with a crime of sexual harassment. This is very serious. We will not ignore it. The legal department will be called upon”.

Sonia also included Marvvila and Sarah in the absence of manifestation. The duo observed the scene of the Quarto Fundo do Mar from the outside: “what level do these three have to be able to take an attitude like that and not defend this woman, as Bruna did during the party?”.

Source: Folha

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