BBB 23: Ministry of Women publishes note of repudiation: ‘Sexual harassment is a crime, not entertainment’


The Ministry of Women, of the Federal Government, published a note of repudiation about the case of sexual harassment within the BBB 23. On the official website, the text released on the night of this Friday (17) reinforces that “violence against women is not entertainment ” and comments on what happened on the reality show, involving Dania Mendez, a Mexican who was harassed by Mc Guimê and Cara de Sapato.

“We can no longer allow cases of harassment and sexual harassment to continue happening in the country. Violence against women is not entertainment. Whether at home, on the street or at work, every woman has the right to feel safe and respected — respect is a non-negotiable value”, begins the note.

The folder reinforces that sexual harassment has been a crime in Brazil since 2018 and that the authorities must hold the aggressors accountable. “Above all, never blame the victims, who must be welcomed and supported. The episode of sexual harassment on the reality show with the highest ratings in Brazil is not an isolated case. The expulsion of the accused is necessary, but we are far from adequate treatment for these cases . It is necessary to go further so that women never feel guilty for the violence suffered”, continues the text.

The note, the Ministry reinforces respect for all women, strengthening the service network for victims of violence and building prevention campaigns. “Combating violence against women is an urgent political struggle that also permeates the awareness of the media and entertainment about the symbolic violence they can reproduce”, he concludes.

This Friday, Mc Guimê and Cara de Sapato were summoned to testify in the case, after harassment within the reality. The two participants were disqualified on the night of this Thursday (16).

Source: Folha

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