BBB 23: After becoming Angel of the Week, Gabriel Santana removes Fred and Aline Wirley from the VIP


Gabriel Santana is Angel of the Week at BBB 23 (Globo). The actor from “Pantanal” won the test held at the end of this Saturday morning (18), which tested the participants’ marksmanship. It’s the first time he’s won this race and he gains the privileges that come with it.

In addition to being able to immunize someone in the vote that takes place on Sunday (19), he had to indicate two colleagues to carry out the Punishment of the Monster, which this time is called “Friend of the Onça”. Gabriel chose Aline Wirley and Fred for the burden.

With that, the duo, who had been chosen by leader Bruna Griphao for the VIP, a group that has more perks and food options in confinement, immediately moved to Xepa, which has several restrictions. In addition, they lost 300 pegs, the currency on the reality show. Gabriel also called his friends Marvvila and Sarah Aline to the Angel’s Luncheon, in which he could watch a video sent by the family.

In addition to Bruna, who did not participate in the race because she was already the leader, Amanda, Cezar Black and Fred were vetoed. Fred was quite frustrated. “What hurts me the most is not playing, and like… I said all the time: I can’t wait to have a marksmanship test. What’s wrong with me, I’m vetoed and I’m still going to Monstro”, he complained.

The test consisted of throwing a puck from a launch pad. It was necessary to hit them, in order, in boxes numbered from 1 to 9. Once the target was reached, it was necessary to go to the conveyor belt where the boxes were arranged, pick them up and deliver them to little houses —the test simulated the logistics of the distribution service that sponsored it. Whoever made the nine deliveries first won.

Source: Folha

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