The abandoned tabby that was found in a garbage bin outside the Attica Park facilities was submitted to diagnostic medical tests.

At the same time, the Attica Zoological Park issued a new announcement, through a post on Facebook, regarding his health condition.

In this announcement, the Attica Park points out that the health condition of the little tiger remains serious and thanks all those who were interested.

The post
“Thank you for your continued interest in the little white tiger, which was found abandoned outside the Attica Zoological Park. The young animal, as it cannot feed itself, is fed with the help of our carers and has gained 1 kg. It is located in an appropriate care area to which access to the public is prohibited.

However, due to the criticality of his health condition, on Wednesday 15/3, he underwent further diagnostic tests, MRI and CT scan, at a specialized center. The results confirmed the initial estimates of the seriousness of his health condition, as both genetic malformations and those acquired from the wrong way of managing him were found. The young animal faces significant problems in the spine, pelvis, ribs, as well as in many bones that greatly limit and make its mobility painful. At the same time, due to the deformed skeleton, some organs are compressed, thus making it difficult even to take food or breathe.

The detailed medical results have been sent to the competent national authorities, to the special scientific committee of EZA (European Association of Zoos and Aquariums), of which we are a member, as well as to specialist vets abroad, who have been recommended to us by organizations such as Born Free and the Wild Cat Sanctuary in the US. At the same time, in cooperation with and following our request to the Ministry of the Environment, a committee is established with the participation of specialized veterinarians, both from our Park and from other agencies, as well as university professors with the aim of safer decision-making for the subsequent management and support of health of.

At the same time, we are in contact with a specialized rescue center in Europe, which hosts tigers and intends to take it over, if his health condition allows it.”