BBB 23: Lexa denies that she had a party to welcome Guimê after being expelled from the program


Lexa, 28, denied having held a party to welcome her husband, MC Guimê, after he was expelled from BBB 23 (Globo). Rumors about the alleged event began to circulate when a person who claimed to be a neighbor of the singer’s mother made public audios that would show a funkeiro song playing very loudly and coming from the property.

“Passing by to say that there was no party,” complained Lexa on social networks, after the repercussions. “My mother had a barbecue like she usually does on the weekends. And I slept practically the whole day.”

The singer was also irritated by the judgment of netizens, who complained about the supposed new chance that she would be giving her husband, who was caught on the reality show groping the butt of Mexican influencer Dania Mendez. “The decision of my personal life is up to me,” she said. “Thank you all for your love. I won’t talk about this anymore, I’m exhausted.”

Guimê was expelled from BBB 23 last Thursday (16), along with Cara de Sapato. Both were accused of sexual harassment. On Friday (17), the Civil Police of Rio de Janeiro summoned the two participants to give testimony in an inquiry that investigates the crime. They should be heard in the coming days.

Dania Mendez entered Big Brother Brasil last Wednesday (15), coming from La Casa de Los Famosos for an exchange program. On the same night, during the Leader’s Party, the Mexican influencer had difficulty extricating herself from Cara de Sapato, who stole a kiss from her, applied immobilization blows (he is an MMA fighter) and got under the girl’s duvet, even with her frequent denials.

Guimê, on the other hand, felt Dania’s butt, causing her to quickly remove the singer’s hand. At another point, he also touched the side of her breast. The fact caused his wife, Lexa, to speak out saying that she would stop watching the reality show.

Source: Folha

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