BBB 23: Igor Rickli defends Aline Wirley from criticism of positioning in the game


Igor Rickly came out in defense of Aline Wirley on social networks. The actor did not like the criticism about the woman’s performance on BBB 23. For many Internet users, the singer has not been taking a stand in important moments of the game and, according to her followers, prefers to remain silent than to defend her opinions.

“My love, you and I are in a great process of healing our body, soul, communication, our vision. You are in a very difficult role, there, without being able to see exactly the game as we see it from the outside and ended up standing at a crossroads,” began Rickli.

The actor also countered the nasty comments that the couple always received about the open relationship agreed by the duo. “I’ve even heard from people (some even in our midst) that we have a relationship on a façade. That I, Igor, could have chosen a better one. That you were too ugly for me. That when you shaved your hair, you made a pact to hold her husband. That we were a farce. They offended us a lot, my love. And they still offend us today,” she recalled.

Igor was keen to point out that the two are close and know everything that unites them: love. He was also sorry to see Aline so confused these past few days. “I see you now confined, tired, confused, scared, and I ask with all my heart in prayer that you strengthen yourself, follow your instinct. May your intuition point you the way. It affects me and it hurts you, there, going through accusations hard and cold. But that’s the game. And we chose to be in it. I’m here, always! And I’ll play with you until the end”, he concluded.

Source: Folha

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