Patrícia Ramos, from ‘Rede BBB’, criticizes Key in leaked audio; athlete’s advisory awaits apology


Julius Boll

An audio of Patrícia Ramos talking about the posture of Key Alves and his fans leaked, earlier this Friday afternoon (24), on social networks. At the end of the transmission of “BBB Tá On”, this Friday, the sign showed the closure, but continued transmitting the audio from the studio. In it, the presenter speaks her opinion about Key Alves.

“Key’s fan club is giving me shit. But she’s a bitch, she has to accept it. And those people who are her fans are bitches too, and that’s it. She’s a real bitch, man. She won’t get off her heels. If she comes to me calling me ‘girl’…”, began Patrícia, who is part of the “BBB Network”.

“There were people saying: ‘Oh, it’s because of her age, because she’s young’. I’m the same age as her. That’s a matter of being aware, she has no idea. For me, she’s a 15-year-old teenager years,” she concluded.

The audio clip quickly went viral on social media. In conversation with F5Key Alves’ advisor showed indignation and said that the team is considering suing the presenter, if there is no apology.

“It’s more because of defamation. How can someone like her, working on a broadcaster, on a big reality show, call a participant a scumbag and fans a scumbag. It’s absurd. We hope, if she has professionalism, she comes out in public and apologize. That’s all,” explains Betinho, the athlete’s advisor. “If you do this, there is no need for a lawsuit. People make mistakes like Key, who apologized. What she did was absurd, she only expects the minimum of one request. If there is not, we will file a lawsuit, it is defamation “.

wanted by F5Globo’s advisory did not have a position on what happened until the publication of this report.

Source: Folha

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