BBB 23: Gabriel Santana reveals decision to expose bisexuality in reality and talks about future with Bruna Griphao


Gabriel Santana was the eleventh eliminated from BBB 23 (Globo) with 56.45% of the votes. Shortly after leaving the program, the actor went to talk to Vivian Amorim and Patricia Ramos at Bate-Papo BBB, on Globoplay. The ex-brother watched the images and when asked if he was satisfied with his participation, he comments: “I am very satisfied, I was me from beginning to end.”

Right at the beginning of the conversation, he talks about the “colorful friendship” he had with Bruna Griphao in the game and says he’s not in love, but points out: “To be honest, I’m liking her, but she’s not even my type of woman that I usually relate.”

About the plans to have something with the actress outside the house, Gabriel reveals that he is willing to talk, as Bruna asked him, but he is not sure what will happen when he finds her. “It’s really an open question. I’m not going to say that I don’t think so, but neither am I going to say that I intend to. I’m going to let it happen very naturally. In fact, Bruna is an incredible person, very passionate”, he says.

He also recalls the kisses he gave inside the house to Sarah Aline and also to Fred Nicácio. When asked if he would stay with the psychologist or the doctor again, he replies: “She’s with Alface, he’s monogamous (…). I don’t think it makes sense for the relationship they’re building”. Regarding Fred Nicácio, the actor says he has no way of knowing if he would kiss the doctor again. “Let’s see out here with him and his husband, let’s see what happens, if there’s a kiss or not, if it made sense inside and out here, maybe, it doesn’t,” he replied.

The actor also explains that he did not program that he would tell about his bisexuality to all of Brazil, but it happened naturally: “I talked a lot with my friend, who is my social media, Íris, I said: ‘Man, I’m not going to avoid a situation I want’, like, if it happens, it happens”.

And he goes on to tell the conversation he had before joining the BBB: “I even told her, it won’t be the first thing I’m going to say when I get home: ‘Hey guys, I’m bisexual’ and that was the first thing I said when I got home”, he says with a laugh.

Source: Folha

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