BBB 23: Amanda and Larissa are strange and the atmosphere weighs on the sisters


The weather weighed between Amanda and Larissa early this Tuesday (28) at BBB 23 (Globo). While the doctor is still evaluating whether it is the right time to nominate Domitila for the next Paredão, the personal trainer believes this is the right time for the model to go to the spotlight. Faced with this impasse, the sisters are at odds during a conversation.

“I will say nothing more. I give my opinion, it seems that no one listens”, says Larissa, who continues and vents: “Since when I arrived I will say something: ‘Oh, because we have to vote for anyone’ and the time all the time you say: ‘No, but I’ve been saying that since the beginning’. Always hinting. It’s boring”.

Larissa then goes on to say that the doctor is refuting her gambling opinions all the time. “I came back now with other looks. If you already had that look before, that’s great. But the whole time when I say something about thinking about putting someone else, you say: ‘But I already said that’. I know that you do it,” she says. “I know I’m saying this. You’re bringing something new, but we were already playing this”, says Amanda.

The doctor says that what the personal trainer brought from external information is nothing new and argues: “I’m still stuck in the first season. When you talk as if it were something new, it’s not. We’re going to keep playing the way we were.”

Source: Folha

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