BBB 23: Aline Wirley is the new leader and Tadeu Schmidt dances ‘Ragatanga’ live

BBB 23: Aline Wirley is the new leader and Tadeu Schmidt dances ‘Ragatanga’ live

Aline Wirley is the new leader of BBB 23. On Friday night (31), presenter Tadeu Schmidt made official the singer’s victory during the live program and announced the reign, valid until next week. She will be able to nominate a participant directly to Paredão, this Sunday (2), in addition to vetoing a player from next week’s Leader’s Test.

“We checked the results of the test and it’s essential to tell you something”, said Schmidt, making drama, and dancing to “Ragatanga”, a track by Rouge, Aline’s former band. “I’m very happy, I don’t know how I did it, but it worked”, celebrated Aline.

Still during BBB 23, Aline chose the players who will be in the VIP this week. Her chosen ones were Bruna Griphao and Amanda. Thus, the other reality participants will have to remain at Xepa, with a reduced menu.

Aline won the lead after spending more than 17 hours in the Resistance Test. Started on Thursday night (30), the brothers needed to keep a button pressed at all times during the race and still faced some surprises, such as wind and smoke. All this while walking on a round treadmill.

This Friday afternoon, Aline was the last to leave the competition area, right after Ricardo fainted and slipped out of his space.


Source: Folha

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