Carla Diaz appears laughing with her boyfriend after controversy with lubricant


Actress Carla Diaz, 31, posted a video in her Stories laughing a lot alongside her boyfriend, councilor Felipe Becari, 34, upon discovering the “lube tour”, as she wrote. The couple is traveling through Gramado, in Rio Grande do Sul and caught the attention of netizens after showing the hotel room.

In videos also published in Stories, the ex-BBB was showing the details of the room where the two are staying and ended up letting a lubricant appear that was on the bedside table. Fans and followers noticed and soon began to comment on social media.

“I want to have a boyfriend to use lube, are you happy Carla Diaz?”, wrote an internet user on Twitter. “This ride of Carla Diaz and the supposed lubricant in Stories only proves that Brazil is an eternal 5th grade in relation to the sexual universe”, said another.

“Carla Diaz appearing in stories with a lube on her side, an icon,” wrote a third. “Carla Diaz, I support a live talking about the importance of lubricant, teach women that they deserve to feel pleasure”, suggested a fourth.

The actress chose the last day of the year to confirm her relationship with the councilor. The former BBB had previously been seen with the politician, who is known on Instagram for his activism in defense of animals.

Carla published photos with her partner in a plantation. In one, the lovebirds are sitting on the grass, with the councilor kissing the actress on the cheek; in the next, she is being carried on her back.

The images were successful on Instagram and were approved by many friends of the ex-sister. Gil do Vigor, a confinement colleague, joked: “Friend, you were strong!!!”. Gabi Martins, a participant in Globo’s reality show in 2020, congratulated: “Be happy, you are very beautiful”.

Becari commented on the photo of the loved one with a sentence: “And they learned to give themselves moments of peace”. The comment received over 8,000 likes, as well as favorable responses from fans and supporters. Even presenter Adriane Galisteu commented on the post, with a simple “Happy 2022”.


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