‘Euphoria’ actress says she was forced to do sextape with ex-boyfriend


Actress Minka Kelly, known for living Samantha in “Euphoria”, says she was forced to be part of a sextape with a boyfriend at age 17. The situation is one of the accounts of her biography “Tell Me Everything”, scheduled for release on May 2nd. Excerpts from the work and details of the alleged harassment were revealed this Wednesday (12) by the US website Page Six.

Minka recounts, in her book, that she moved in with her boyfriend after an argument with her family. Without revealing his name, the actress says that the young man would have insisted on taking intimate photos of the couple, which was denied, but that he would have forced her to participate in a sex tape. “I barely remembered having made the tape. I became a master at leaving my body when things were uncomfortable”, she explains, in an excerpt from the work, referring to the moment – years later – when her boyfriend would have tried sell the video to the press.

To stifle the case, Minka would have disbursed US$ 50,000 (about R$ 245,000) to buy the recording.

In another account of the book, the American talks about other alleged abuses that she would have suffered. The ex-boyfriend even proposed that they have sex with a friend and that the two would have had sex without consent.

Source: Folha

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