BBB 23: Sarah Aline is Angel of the Week; know who went to Monster


Ana Cora Lima

The final stretch of BBB 23 won another chapter this Friday (14) with Prova do Anjo da Semana and Sarah Aline received the protective necklace. She won the dynamic with her partner, Ricardo Camargo, but won in the second phase of the dispute. As the winner, the sister chose Bruna Griphao and Amanda Meirelles for Monster.

The desert duo lost 300 stakes and participates in a live pitching game this Friday night. Whoever has the worst performance goes to the formation of the 15th reality hot seat with two computed votes. Remembering that Paredão is threefold: the angel immunizes someone and the leader, Domitila Barros, indicates a participant. Afterwards, the house holds an open vote, and the most voted will be walled. The person indicated by the leader will have the right to counterattack. There will be no backtest. The elimination takes place on Sunday (16), followed by a new leader’s race and another one more formation of Paredão.

The first part of the Prova de Anjo dispute was done in pairs. The winning duo would have to collect 10 marbles in a maze with one of the players blindfolded. He carried a camera on his head and needed to go through the circuit in the shortest possible time listening to the voice of his partner, who was in a booth outside. The player who commanded the movements needed to signal the entry and exit of the maze, and also the button for the partner to press and validate the test.

Sarah and Lettuce got the upper hand by completing the maze in the order in which the marbles were. Bruna and Larissa lost time because they took the route randomly and had to go back several times to some points. Aline, who was blindfolded, could not understand Amanda’s instructions and even ran over one of the dummies.

In the second phase of the Angel test, Sarah and Alface had to guess close to the number of red marbles in a basket. The psychologist was the closest and took the power, BRL 10,000 in cash and some benefits from one of the sponsoring brands of the reality show.

Source: Folha

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