Hapoel on game 3 with AEK: “The gates of hell will open, we don’t forget and we don’t forgive”


A crucial game 3 is ahead of her AEKwho travels to Israel to confront the Hapoel Jerusalem (19/4), in the aftermath of the sad events in Ano Liosia.

His team Israel posted a video on social media ahead of the match, through which she invites her people to the ‘Pais Arena’, warning of “gates of hell to open”.

The video depicts various friends of hers Hapoel who traveled to Athens for the previous game, while at the same time there is a description of what happened during the episodes at the closed Ano Liosia.

“We had a difficult night, traumatic, fireworks, stun grenades, stones. Next week, the rules of the game will change, the Greeks will meet thousands of Reds, who do not forget and do not forgive, in our way, the sporting way, the fair way, the fair play way, the gates of hell will open in the arena. There is not one red woman, not one red man, no red man lives in his house. Now. Now. Now. Now. It will explode”specifically mention the words in the video.

Source: Sport Fm

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