Pocah denounces Mc Sabrina’s alleged disappearance; civil police says there is no crime


Owner of hits such as “Dessa Vez”, “Bonde Passando”, “Relentless” and “She Joga o Cabelo”, singer MC Sabrina is leaving fans and friends worried. Considered one of the precursors of funk melody, she has not been seen publicly for a long time and her last post on social networks was made in August last year.

Distressed by the situation, Pocah started a campaign on social networks to find out the whereabouts of her colleague. The story came to light when the former BBB told on social networks that he had dreamed of Sabrina. “That night I dreamed about MC Sabrina, I wanted to hear from her so much”, he commented.

Also singer Lexa responded to the publication. “I heard it so much when I was a kid, where is she?”, She wanted to know. That’s when Pocah revealed that he had heard rumors that Sabrina wasn’t doing well. “I’ve been sending messages to Mc Sabrina for years and I haven’t had any answers,” he said.

“I looked for some people close to me and the news is not good at all”, continued “Talk of ‘private prison’, ‘depression’ and even a ‘vegetative state’. One of the pioneers of our funk ‘disappears’ and nobody is saying anything. WHY ???”

The information ended up alarming other colleagues, such as Tati Quebra Barraco. “My God! Shocked! I’ll try to contact here too”, she commented. Several fans also ended up mobilizing to try to get new information about Sabrina.

On Saturday (15), Pocah started a campaign using the hashtag #FreeMcSabrina and gathering various information found on social networks. In one of the published videos, the councilor from Rio de Janeiro Verônica Costa (PL) talks about rumors of false imprisonment with police chief Gabriela Von Beauvais, who promises to investigate the case.

O F5 made contact with the Civil Police of Rio, which stated that the investigation was concluded. According to the corporation, at the time, agents went to Mc Sabrina’s house and found that there was no private prison. Thus, they concluded that there was no crime – the singer herself is the one who would not be willing to respond to contacts made by some friends until then.

Also according to the Civil Police, at the time, the Public Ministry of Rio de Janeiro recommended that the case be closed. When consulted, the MP-RJ said that it could only manifest itself if it had the inquiry number to locate which would have been the responsible prosecution.

Source: Folha

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