Angry Czech protesters they went out today to today in the central square of Praguecalling for the resignation of the government due to high inflation and skyrocketing energy prices.

Police did not give an estimate of the number of people gathered at the rally, which was titled “Czech Republic Against Poverty”.

The demonstration, like a similar one in March, was organized by the extra-parliamentary political party PRO, which has criticized the centre-right government of Prime Minister Petr Fiala for its handling of the energy crisis following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, before since almost 14 months. PRO also accuses the government of restricting freedom of expression in an effort to combat disinformation and calls for pressure to achieve peace in Ukraine, while denying it is pro-Russian.

“Collect what’s left of your honor, realize you’re not up to the job, and resign” said mobilization organizer and PRO leader Gidrich Reichl, speaking to the crowd that had filled half of the capital’s Wenceslas Square, according to news website

Czech republic

The gathered were then to march to the seat of government.

The Czech Republic, like other countries in Europe, hit by high inflation while high energy prices cut into household budgets. A recent poll for Czech TV showed support for the five-party governing coalition waning while the largest opposition party, former prime minister Andrej Babis’s ANO widened its lead over Fiala’s party to 29% to 20%.