Preta Gil reports that she had septicemia during cancer treatment: ‘I had a scare’


Singer and businesswoman Preta Gil, 48, shared on social media this Sunday (16) updates about her health during treatment for bowel cancer. She revealed that she had been hospitalized due to septicemia, a serious generalized infection, but said she had recovered. “I’m already better and following the treatment firmly,” she wrote.

Preta justified the absence of social networks in recent weeks. At the start of treatment, she promised that she would bring updates weekly to her fans. “In the last month, I couldn’t be here to tell you how I was, because I really went through an unforeseen event, a big scare, which made it impossible for me to come and give you news. I apologize for the disappearance, but it was really by force. bigger. I really got really bad”, he explained.

The singer said that, on the last 22nd, she felt bad and was advised by doctors to go to the hospital, at first, due to dehydration. The next day, however, Preta experienced septic shock.

Septic shock happens as a result of septicemia, a generalized infection, explains pulmonologist Danilo Gullo Ferreira. “This generalized infection leads to a drop in blood pressure, an increase in heart rate and the need for mechanical ventilation. This characterizes shock”, says the doctor.

According to the specialist, these are very serious cases with a high percentage of mortality. “It requires hospitalization in the ICU, use of broad-spectrum antibiotics and drugs to maintain blood pressure, keeping the individual alive until the body responds to the antibiotic”, he reports.

In the singer’s case, Preta explained that the doctors’ hypothesis is that the infection was caused by bacteria present in the catheter used in chemotherapy.

“They were very difficult moments. I went through delicate moments, but, thanks to God, to my orixás, my saints, to the doctors who formed an impeccable team, I am here now being able to record this video for you. Well and recovered”, she reported the artist. She said she is taking care of the sequels of the painting. “Lung is being treated, I’m taking antibiotics and being super assisted.”

Preta reinforced that she is fine and also thanked her family and fans for their affection. “I’m fine, I’m going to recover. I have about three weeks to recover so I can go back to my oncological treatment, which I stopped because of this septicemia”, she explained. “I’m fine, that’s what matters.”

Source: Folha

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