Frank Ocean will not be performing at the Coachella Music Festival on Sunday, April 23 as originally scheduled. The news was announced by the R&B and hip-hop singer following the strong reactions caused by his first performance at the California Festival on Sunday, April 16.

Frank Ocean turned up an hour late and had to finish the concert early due to curfew rules.

“Guys, I’m told there’s a curfew, so that’s the end of the gig. Thank you very much” he said and as the lights came on and the audience cheered and shouted “we want Frank”.

Fans with comments online expressed their disappointment with the singer’s appearance. Later it became known that the organizers of the Festival were fined for not complying with the ban.

Before the cancellation was announced, sources said the singer had injured his ankle and was making changes to the show following doctors’ advice.

According to Variety, the singer will be replaced at Coachella by Blink-182.