Preta Gil says that doctors decided to advance treatment to radiotherapy: ‘New phase’


Preta Gil published an update on social networks about the treatment for bowel cancer that she is facing. The singer said that this week she showed an improvement in the condition and that, therefore, she was able to follow the care at home, alongside her friends and family.

“I’m fine, being able to record this video for you. It was a week of many achievements. I actually improved my health a lot. I recovered at home and that makes all the difference”, he began. “Eating food from home, being close to family and friends, who are clinging to me, was fundamental for me to have this improvement”.

She said that the next few days will be preparation for the next phase of treatment, since the doctors have decided that Preta will no longer undergo chemotherapy, but will instead go straight to radiotherapy. “This week will be about preparatory exams. I’m very confident, full of faith to fight and win. I’m always counting on you in prayers and in the crowd, emanating positive energy that reaches me. It makes a lot of difference, thank you for the messages of affection.”

Recently, Preta claims that she was hospitalized due to a serious condition of septicemia, a generalized infection. In the midst of treatment, the singer also dealt with rumors about a possible separation from Rodrigo Godoy, her husband.

“I found out about it and I am very shaken. In the midst of gossip there are many lies, such as, for example, financial matters, tracker in the car, trisal. Besides, the truths are coming to light, which for me is very painful and cruel. I ask that you too help protect me from all this filth.”

Source: Folha

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