His highlight project Acrocorinth Castle with new lighting, is progressing through a programmatic Cultural Development contract for the maturation of the necessary studies, which was signed by the Minister of Culture and Sports Lina Mendoni and the regional governor of Peloponnese Panagiotis Nikas.

As announced by the Ministry of the Interior, the programming contract for the promotion and promotion of the Acrocorinth Castle, budget of 240,000 euros which provides for configurations for the realization of events, completion of tour routes, dealing with problems from falling rocks, fixing interventions, utilization of Castle spaces and creation of a digital tour was signed in November 2021 by Lina Mendoni and Panagiotis Nikas. At the same time, the lighting project of Monemvasia castle is underway, with a budget of approx 1,000,000 euros.

As Lina Mendoni stated, “in the context of our excellent and efficient cooperation with the Peloponnese Region, we are proceeding with the necessary actions for the lighting of the Acrocorinthos Castle, which will complement the configuration project, which is already underway. The aim of this comprehensive intervention is to protect and highlight this important monument, but at the same time, to create the conditions for improving its visitation and strengthening tourism in the area. The oldest lighting of the Castle was destroyed by human intervention, unfortunately. But dominant monuments must be illuminated – with absolute respect for the area’s biodiversity – as they create a special cultural environment in the evening hours as well. After Monemvasia, the lighting of which is again progressing through our Programmatic Agreement with the Region of Peloponnese, it was the turn of the Castle of Acrocorinthos. There are more to come.”

Panagiotis Nikas said that “I can only express thanks to the Minister of Culture and Sports for the dozens of cultural projects implemented in the Peloponnese Region in terms of infrastructure, but also events. For Acrocorinthos, the procedures are progressing to make a proper lighting, in collaboration with Eleftheria Deco, whose work and achievements in the monuments of the Acropolis are well known. First Monemvasia, for the lighting of which we have already signed the corresponding programming contract, followed by Acrocorinth, as other areas will follow”.