Lexa’s mother cries and asks her daughter to get back together with Guimê: ‘His heart is good’


The case of sexual harassment for which singer MC Guimê has to answer in court seems to have been forgiven by Lexa’s mother, Darlin Ferrattry. Crying, she resorted to social networks to ask her singer daughter to resume her marriage to the funk singer.

“I’ve known Guimê for many years. Guimê was always a good guy, a gentleman with me and my whole family. He was always sweet with my daughter, he took her to the altar and honored her. My daughter was always in love with he started.

“I pray every day for my daughter to forgive him from the heart and resume her marriage. That’s what I ask from the bottom of my soul. Only those who really know him know how good his heart is, how respectful he is. That’s enough. to hurt him,” he added.

At BBB 23, the behavior of MC Guimê and Cara de Sapato with Dania Mendez were crimes classified as sexual harassment. The ex-brothers were kicked out of reality for groping and forcing a kiss on the Mexican during a party this week. The Civil Police of Rio de Janeiro opened an inquiry to investigate their actions in the house.

“I only ask that you have a little compassion. He is a fighter, he releases his songs. Unfortunately he will not be able to be in the final [desta terça (25) do reality]. He played, dedicated himself and entered this program for a purpose. He was always a dreamer, a fighter and a warrior”, concluded the former mother-in-law.

Source: Folha

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