Singer Nayara Vilela is found dead at home in Acre; police investigate husband


Singer Nayara Vilela, 32, was found dead at home on Monday night (24), in Rio Branco (AC). The information was confirmed by the local newspaper of Rede Amazônica (Globo) and by a dancer friend of hers.

The Police are investigating the case to try to decipher whether there was a femicide or whether her husband, businessman Tarcísio Araújo, already heard at first as a witness, would have instigated the artist to take her own life. There would be no signs of a physical fight on Nayara’s body.

According to delegate Karlesso Nespoli, the expert went to the scene and it was decided that the case would return to the Women’s Police Station for investigation. Images on social media show possible discussions between the two before death.

“We are urgently forwarding the case to verify if there was inducement and instigation, which would be an act of domestic violence. the truth,” he says.

Nayara Vilela was born in the state of Mato Grosso and became known for her piseiro rhythm. She leaves an eight-year-old son.


Before being found dead, Nayara appears in videos apparently recorded in a bathroom where she says that she had “the desire to leave” and that she felt a lot of anxiety. She also revealed that she was having a lot of problems and that everything in her life was a sham.

“I just wanted to leave, I feel a lot of pain, an anger that I can’t explain. I want to ask forgiveness from those who really love me. I’m tired of being a burden to everyone. Everyone makes me feel that way, mainly Tarcísio”, he said.

Source: Folha

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