‘I wear the same size as my father’, says Melody about a photo with big feet compared to ‘Abaporu’


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Surprised by the repercussion of an image she posted on Instagram, in which she appears with huge feet in front of a jet with her face stamped on it, singer Melody said that the photo is a montage, but that ‘it does have big feet’.

“I really have, I wear 38/39. I realized that because, when I started to see, my father’s shoes were fitting me”, she tells F5, adding that she wears the same size as his.

Melody goes viral for detail in photo

Melody goes viral for detail in photo – Melody on Instagram

She recalls that she had been playing games with her own feet at least since 2015, when she made parodies on this subject.

When releasing a Portuguese version of “Work”, a song by Rihanna and Drake, she already sang: “Ba, ba, ba, ba, ba, baba / I pass and you ba, ba, ba, ba, ba, baba / You say about my foot, la, la, la, la / They are all recal, ca, ca, ca, cadas / Foot, foot, foot, foot, foot / My foot has no feet, foot, foot, foot, foot” .

The montage was made by the singer’s sister, whom Melody asked to do something showing what it would be like if she had a jet. In addition to putting the artist’s face on the aircraft, the sister took the opportunity to grow her feet.

“When I saw it, it was already on all the gossip sites, I split my beak. But I already took advantage of the repercussions, because on May 4th I’m going to release my first international ‘feat’, with a very well-known person out there”, she says, without wanting to give details.

The idea for the photo with the jet came about because Melody has been saying that she wants to treat herself to something big soon. “I don’t know if it’s going to be a jet, but it’s definitely going to be cool. Last time it was a Lamborghini.”

Source: Folha

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