Justified by the parliamentary action of MeRA25 during the past four years, said Mr Yanis Varoufakisfrom Xanthi, where he toured, while laying a wreath at the Kapnergatis Monument.

He then gave a press conference to the local media, where, by way of introduction, according to a relevant update from MeRA25-Alliance for the Rupture, he said: “It is a great pleasure to be in Xanthi in this, at least for us, very beautiful pre-election campaign. A fight that we are fighting unitedly and head-on, unlike in 2019 when we were alone, struggling to put the NO vote in the Parliament, which we succeeded in”.

And, then, “we achieved a parliamentary project that others want 70 MPs to produce. We did not stop at bringing the NO vote to the Parliament, we tabled proposals for laws on the major issues of the Greek people, issues that we had predicted long before they started to be discussed. For example, who was the party that made the bad loans and this disgrace of buying and selling them with the consequences of auctions and the bleeding of Greece by the predatory funds that take all these incomes and take them to the Cayman Islands abroad? Which was the party which he thundered, from the first moment, about Energy Exchange which brings our fellow citizens to the brink of a heart attack every time they open their electricity bill?”, he also asked.

On the occasion of the laying of the wreath at Monument of Kapnergatis, observed that the act was symbolic as well as essential, because “in MeRA25-Alliance for Breakup we do not forget our place in the world firmament, nor the historical continuity of the struggles of this people. In 1928 two Christian and two Muslim tobacco workers lost their lives fighting for things that should be self-evident. Which were taken for granted for many years until the Troikas came and ceased to be taken for granted again, making the struggles of the fallen tobacco workers even more relevant today.”

Referring, moreover, to the international dimension of the workers’ struggle, G. Varoufakis stated: “In 1928 in distant Colombia, hundreds of workers were victims in their struggle against United Fruit with exactly the same demands as the tobacco workers here in Xanthi. I mention this because it is very important to remember, at least we in MERA25-Alliance for Breakup, that we started in Berlin in February 2016. Because the Greek crisis is not just Greek, it is also German, it is also French, it is European, we are the real Europeanists who first built a pan-European party and then, in March 2018, we came to Greece to found MeRA25. A few months later with Bernie Sanders we founded the Progressive International and shortly after that we put the NO in the Parliament and today now, unitedly, frontally together with independents of the Left, with movements, with Popular Unity we show what it means to set aside your “I”, the bitterness of the past and to move forward”.

According to G. Varoufakis, “the reason why MeRA25-Alliance for Breakup has created an anticipation in the hearts and faces of so many people, and the reason why we will return to Parliament, much stronger, is that, finally, it seemed that there is a possibility for different spaces to create something unifying”.

And, in “therefore”, “what is at stake now, is not one or two electoral processes but the building of the new great militant faction that will create conditions for a majority, a government of the militant Left, not just a party which will participate in a government, another government of looting of the many from the very few.” At the end of the press conference, the head of MeRA25-Alliance for Breakup presented the party’s candidates in Xanthi.