Carmo Dalla Vecchia says he never had sex with women: ‘I dated and even had attraction, but it didn’t happen’


Interpreter of the lawyer Érico in the soap opera at 6 pm on Globo, “Amor Perfeito”, Carmo Dalla Vecchia has been talking openly about his sexuality for a short time. Recently, the actor said he discovered he was gay at the age of 12, when he still lived in the city of Santa Maria, in Rio Grande do Sul. Even knowing his sexual orientation from a very early age, he revealed that during a good part of his youth he also related to women, but he never got to have sex with one of them.

“I’ve always had many girlfriends. My whole life, my body has always worked in every possible way, but at the time… It didn’t happen. I dated women and even had attraction, but it didn’t happen”, he told in an interview to the Podcast “Papagaio Falante “, presented by Sérgio Mallandro and Renato Rabelo.

Married for 18 years to João Emanuel Carneiro, author of the soap operas “Avenida Brasil” and “A Favorita” and “Todas as flores”, currently airing on Globoplay, Carmo admitted to having been pressured to tell that he was homosexual for many years. He spoke for the first time about the wedding in 2021, during a participation in the framework. Super Dança dos Famosos, presented by Tiago Leifert at the time.

Dalla Vecchia explained that rumors about her marriage to a man had been around for many years and he had always avoided talking about the subject. what kind of woman do you like?’. They were trick questions”, commented the actor. Carmo and João Emanuel are the parents of Pedro, 3 years old, the result of a surrogate.

Source: Folha

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