Its President spoke tonight in Komotini PASOK-Movement of Change, Nikos Androulakisidentifying as a central priority the programming plan for the new generation.

“There is a simple dilemma: Do you want politics with morals? Do you want politics with consistency, with dignity that speaks the language of truth? Who says “justice everywhere” and believes it? No justice for everyone else except the prime minister’s party group. Where does he want meritocracy? who wants these children to believe in politics again? Or will they look at us in the coming years with half an eye, believing that all politicians are swindlers and have nothing to offer but big words? I am here to fight and make young people believe again that politics can provide solutions. That they can participate with their point of view, touching on their dreams and hopes for the future. To stay here in Greece and raise families with decent jobs. To study at our universities and not to search on the internet to see in which city in Europe they will build their future” noted Mr. Androulakis.

“I believe that if the new generation does not stand up, our country will never stand up. Let’s put the big words behind us and be realistic about why I’m asking you to trust me. I can’t imagine my closest partner being the protagonist of a wiretapping sub-state and then covering it up. Because he knows what I knew. I can’t imagine my closest associate setting up the television license competition to distribute the channels to certain oligarchs who support me. I can’t imagine him being sentenced 13-0 by the Special Court, saying “justice everywhere” and instead of sending him home, have him on my ballot,” he added.

He appealed to progressive citizens, noting: “We have a huge debt: On May 21st for every democrat, progressive Greek citizen to feel that his home, PASOK, is open again to embrace the anxieties of the Greek people, to defend the public interest, the interest of the homeland”.

Regarding Greek-Turkish, he pointed out that “the European Union has only one option. The day after the Turkish elections, he will talk about a new Euro-Turkish relationship, which will be based on the upgrading of the customs union, but at the same time there will be the whip of sanctions in order to respect both the neighboring countries and the Turkish people themselves. Because we cannot accept in a country under integration that its people live without respect for human rights”.

Referring to the degradation of the institutions, Mr. Androulakis specifically pointed out: “Did we imagine that Mr. Mitsotakis’ nephew would set up a parastatal of wiretapping? That he would monitor the candidate leader of the third democratic party, the 6 leaders of the Armed Forces, his ministers and instead of those responsible being brought to justice and to the competent investigative committee of the Parliament, Mr. Mitsotakis – obviously because he is afraid for himself – put in complete darkness over the case, concealing one of the biggest scandals of the post-colonial era. He is, as he claims, a liberal and a democrat, but he does what Mr. Tsipras».

“Mr. Mitsotakis he christens populism everything he considers that does not help him in his political plans, but it is legitimate for him to put his hand in our own pocket, in the pocket of the middle class, the Greek people, the weak citizens to support the big electricity producers, who took out billions in the midst of an energy crisis” he commented referring to the energy crisis.