The efforts of the fashionistas on his set continue with undiminished intensity My Style Rocks ahead of tomorrow’s (2/5) gala. The nerves are tense and the balances quite delicate, since the competition has increased a lot.

“good morning” Christianna Katsieri and Emilia Vodos “they took the knives out of their sheaths” and showed that the rivalry between them still rages. However, it was the short shorts that Christiana chose that caused a great wave of discussion. Some players found it impractical, with Olga Kotlida reacting strongly and even arguing with Katerina Karavatou.

Olga later explained the reasons for her reaction. The player revealed that she feels lonely in Athens without having someone close to her to talk about what concerns her, but also the fact that she has received harassment in cases where she wore tight clothes.

During the episode, the conversation got out of hand a few times, with Emilia initially blaming Christiana for comments he has made about her on social media. The two players exchanged harsh words, with Emilia breaking down in tears saying that she was being referred to with lewd comments.

Tension also arose between Seleni Fotiadis and Anastasia Samaras. The reason was the low rating given by the latter to Olga, considering it unfair that her teammates rated her low and she received rave reviews from the judges.

In any case, Anastasia proved again that she is a very strong player. The judges were impressed by her appearance, with Dimitris Skoulos, in fact, grading her with a “4”. Somehow, she amassed the highest score and emerged as the winner of the day, gaining an edge ahead of what is expected to be an exciting gala!