The post-election scenarios, the economy – precision and the Kasidiari party were put on the carpet by the head of MeRA25-Alliance for the Break Yanis Varoufakisduring his television interview with Star.

From a position of principle “obviously” and would cooperate with other parties participating in a progressive government, G. Varoufakis said in the introduction, estimating, at the same time, that “there will be no progressive governance in any of the cases. In order to have progressive governance, a progressive program is needed, which we must hammer out before the elections. Here, we are not Germany…”, he explained. In other words, he continued, there cannot be a joint program in 2.5 days, which is the lifetime of an investigative mandate. “For two years now, we have been calling SYRIZA, KKE, PASOK, anyone who considers themselves progressive to have a discussion…”, he added.

Invited to comment on his assessment leader of the official opposition that the percentages of MeRA25-Alliance for Breakup will shrink in the second elections, Mr. Varoufakis responded as follows: “…I am very moved by Mr. Tsipras’s interest, one thing he would like, MeRA25-Alliance for Let’s disappear and not enter the Parliament. Let him look after his house, we look after ours.” And at this point, he accused Alexis Tsipras of wanting to become prime minister with the vote or tolerance of MeRA25-Alliance for Breakup. And, at the same time, for them to break “everything we have promised to the citizens. He judges other people’s things on his own.”

On her subject accuracy, G. Varoufakis proposed the measure of the “dramatic reduction of VAT. The maximum VAT in Germany is 19%, in Greece 24% […] It should be 15-16% at most.” While he argued that in private discussions why the VAT is not reduced, Messrs. Staikouras and Tsakalotos reply that “the Trojans are not leaving them, obviously they didn’t leave…”. While, at a later point in the interview, he said that “the basket of goods that a minimum wage buys today is 22% thinner than two years ago. We have a shrinking minimum wage in real terms.”

For “Dimitra” design he reiterated that “we have been working on it for years now and it is an innovative solution for all Eurozone countries, especially those with fiscal constraints.” With this tool, “the state obtains degrees of fiscal freedom and it is mutually beneficial for both individuals and the state.”

Asked to comment on the recent disgust of the president of SYRIZA – Progressive Alliance that Mr. Schäuble and Varoufakis are “friends”, he asked them to address the same question to Mr. Tsipras. He estimated, however, that “Mr. Schäuble will suffer… a stroke if they tell him that he was my friend”. Furthermore, expressing the question why other parties do not agree with the “Dimitra” plan, he wondered whether “PASOK and SYRIZA are so devoted to the interests of the oligarchs and bankers”.

In the question, if he also has a plan for a drachma, he replied: “Of course I have.” Think Germany doesn’t have a brand plan? The country’s central bank would be a disgrace to the German people if it did not have such a plan. The euro is a precarious currency,” he argued, giving the example of the fireman, who does not play with fire, but prepares for it.

On the occasion of her bankruptcy of the American bank First Republic and to the question of whether the crisis affects Europe as well, G. Varoufakis first of all reminded that “even in 2008 when Lehman Brothers collapsed, the Europeans said that we don’t have a problem”. After all, he added, “Credit Suisse was the best capitalized bank in Europe.” In conclusion, “it is extremely foolish to think that you will not have a problem with your banks”.

Closing with his ban Kasidiaris party, opposed the legislation, explaining at the same time that “we must crush them at the ballot box, in the public spaces, in all corners of society.” For the head of MeRA25-Alliance for the Break, “we have to win over the people who are leaning towards Nazism, because they have anger inside them with all that is happening and which they cannot express in any other way […] for two months the government has been advertising the Kasidiari party,” he concluded.