Bruna Marquezine criticizes alleged rivalry with Anitta because of the Met Gala: ‘Casiest thing’


Actress Bruna Marquezine used social media this Monday (1st) to ask her followers not to engage in posts that suggest enmity and competition between her and singer Anitta. The comments were about the Met Gala 2023, a traditional party at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, in New York. Upon noticing that Internet users were trying to diminish Anitta’s importance at the event, Bruna did not hesitate: she countered the lines and asked that publications of the type be ignored.

“Can I ask you a favor? Don’t engage in this nonsense. Don’t answer, don’t comment. Ignore 100%. Rough competition between 2 women in the middle of 2023 and who are still FRIENDS… more tacky stuff. MY BRAZID IS GOING TO LOOK BEAUTIFUL TODAY AT THE MET and fuck if these little people (without generalizing)”, he wrote on Twitter.

Bruna’s tweet was made in response to lines from internet users who claimed that the actress would be more prominent at the event than Anitta and tried to create conflicts between the fans of the two artists. The original publication to which Bruna responded was deleted, but, according to users of the social network, an internet user had said that Anitta’s fans talked more about Bruna’s trip to the Met Gala than the actress’s own fans and tried to use what ” they themselves created to diminish Bruna in comparison to Anitta”.

Anitta’s presence at the Met Gala is confirmed and was announced by the event itself. Bruna Marquezine, in turn, was present at other events in the United States in recent days, which made internet users debate the possibility of her also being at the Metropolitan Museum of Art event, which was not confirmed.

The theme of this year’s Met Gala is “Karl Lagerfeld: A Line of Beauty”, a tribute to the German fashion designer, who died aged 85 in February 2019. He was a designer for the brands Chanel, Fendi and Jean Patou.

Source: Folha

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