Thais Carla discovers that she ‘died’ in March and even shows her death certificate


Thais Carla decided to share with her followers this Thursday (4), a family drama. The mother of the influencer and dancer stopped receiving the pension at the INSS and when investigating the case she discovered several irregularities. “I’m in shock. I never thought I would go through this. I died and there’s even a death certificate with my name”, began Thais explaining the situation.

“My mother found out that I, she and my sister were dead. There is a report of the day my death would have happened, in March, and it was as if I lived abroad. According to the document, as soon as I arrived in Brazil , two days passed and I died”, explained Thais, who also pointed out other errors in the documentation.

“My father has a foreign name and my blood type appears wrong. This is absurd! I’m very much alive here! I’ve already activated my lawyers”, said Thais. She also said that her mother and sister are presumed dead two weeks ago.

“They also ‘died’. To make the situation even worse, there is already someone receiving it for us. How could this have happened! How things changed from one day to another. I don’t even know where to start to solve this”, he denounced showing the death certificates. Thais promised to go to the end to find out who could have made this mistake in the federal government agency.

Source: Folha

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