BBB 22: Possible entry of Jade Picon yields memes: ‘House the size of the closet’


Quoted to enter Big Brother Brasil 22, influencer Jade Picon, 20, became a meme and one of the most talked about topics on social networks this Wednesday morning (12).

That’s because many fans were in doubt after she announced that she would take a trip without saying the destination. Many people speculate that she will go straight to Rio de Janeiro and into the big house of the reality show that starts on the 17th.

However, this has motivated the creation of some memes. As she is already rich, there are those who make fun of the prizes she could win in the reality show, which theoretically would be of lesser value compared to everything she already has in her patrimony.

“Jade after seeing that BBB’s entire house is the size of her closet”, posted a follower with an image. “The hallucinated people. Where will Jade enter the BBB? The mine wins the value of the prize in a publicity she makes”, wrote another.

There were also those who joked about the possibility of her winning prizes such as a vacuum cleaner or a car that would cost the influencer’s pair of earrings.

“People can’t be bad Jade Picon at BBB: a patrician full of freshness at xepa and crying because she took the vote has better entertainment?”, wrote another.

Director of Big Brother Brasil (Globo), Boninho continues to release tips to help (or hinder) fans of the reality show that premieres on the 17th on the station.

This Monday morning (10), he made a video with some more of them, but warned that they could be good or confuse people even more. “There are people who love seafood, just don’t fall for the xepa”, he began.

“There are people who will ask for coolers with cachaça and beer. There are three daughters… just not”, he amended. Another tip was: “It’s full of mania, but it’s not the King”. And it ends with the hint: “[Tem gente] that cries for nothing and can now prepare to water the plants”.

Before the video, Boninho had already released other clues. In the publication, he was sitting in the place where participants are interviewed and make the call for disclosure on the station.

“There’s the electric chair,” he wrote jokingly. “The 20 passed by… Did I say 20?” BBB’s new presenter, Tadeu Schmidt spoke about the attraction on last Sunday’s Fantástico (9) and contributed with more tips.

He stated that BBB 22 will have people from Minas Gerais, Ceará, Bahia, Rio de Janeiro, Paraíba, among other states. He also said that he has a teacher, medical student, public relations, influencer and actor.

He also confided that there is one who could not bear to live with friends because he could not bear to share a house with troublemakers. There are still those who are tied up in classical ballet and those who just press the flush button with their foot.


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