Preta Gil moves to São Paulo and says that cancer treatment has twists


Singer Preta Gil, 48, moved to São Paulo to undergo the new stages of treatment for bowel cancer. According to her, “my life and my treatment took a turn”, she said.

“We are going through a healing process and it is not easy. It is a very painful, very difficult process, but it strengthens us a lot. I am sure that all of us [mães] We are going to come out of this journey strengthened, transformed”, she said in a video on social networks.

“I am very grateful to everyone who forms this immense support network that I have from friends, family. May this Mother’s Day be one of calm, comfort, affection for all of you. Let’s do it, let’s keep fighting because mother is this: we fight and we win”, concluded Preta Gil.

In April, Preta Gil revealed that she had been hospitalized due to septicemia, a serious generalized infection, but said she had recovered. “I’m already better and following the treatment firmly,” she wrote.

Preta justified the absence of social networks in recent weeks. At the start of treatment, she promised that she would bring updates weekly to her fans. “In the last month, I couldn’t be here to tell you how I was, because I really went through an unforeseen event, a big scare, which made it impossible for me to come and give you news. I apologize for the disappearance, but it was really by force bigger. I really got really bad”, he explained.

The singer said that, on the last 22nd, she felt bad and was advised by doctors to go to the hospital, at first, due to dehydration. The next day, however, Preta experienced septic shock.

Source: Folha

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